Midland is not on the list at this time but that could change soon.

According to NewsWest 9, Federal help is on the way to the Permian Basin in the aftermath of the winter storm 2 weeks ago.

"This is the first time that a disaster of this magnitude has affected really and truly all 254 counties," said Debi Hays, Ector County Judge.

The federal funds are going to go to repairing the winter storm damage in the area.

Anyone will qualify, you just have to live in the counties that are on the FEMA list.

Midland county should be added to the list soon but for now, it is not included along with Ector and Howard counties that were just added to the disaster declaration.

Funding will go a long way to help out local organizations.

"For example, the Jesus House lost all their food. The West Texas Food Bank needs additional food. There are shelters across the county that need additional funds," Hays said.

Homeowners and businesses will get relief through FEMA in the form of money for temporary housing along with funds for repairs, and low-cost loans to go to repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses.

Judge Hays says she has not been contacted by FEMA, but she is expecting the funds for repairs and rebuilding to be coming to those who need it soon.

Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones like me who did not have any issues with burst pipes after the winter storm and will not need to call on FEMA.

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