Can you believe it’s March… again?

What we thought was a temporary shut down to flatten the curve of the coronavirus back in March 2020, ended up being a prolonged, state-mandated era of isolation. Twelve months later, we remain in nearly the same quarantined state or social distancing, except now some restaurants are open to limited capacity and a vaccine rollout has begun.

Wearing a mask in public is the norm — and is required in order to enter any public spaces—although some have struggled with obeying the rules and wearing them properly even after all of these months.

We’ve lived through horrendous historic events, streamed an overwhelming amount of shows and had concerts and events postponed or cancelled left and right. Remember the Love Is Blind part of quarantine? That was only a year ago. How little we knew then.

For many, it feels like March 2020 never ended. For others, it's surreal we've been in this predicament for a whole year now.

We’ve assimilated to work-from-home culture, regularly scheduled Zoom calls, learning dances on TikTok and baking bread just to kill time.

See how people are reacting to the one-year anniversary of social distancing, below.

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