With a huge shortage of teachers in ECISD, 257 to be exact, the district is trying out virtual teachers in some of its classes.

According to YourBasin.com, the classes where virtual teachers will be experiemented will be American Sign Language Level 2.

They are trying it out with only 4 classes in the district, two of the classes at OHS, and two at Permian.

The classes should be up and running within 2 weeks and the board will observe, learn, and evaluate the program to see if it is a fit for the district.

The problem is that every student will need a laptop and headphones from which they will interact face to face with the instructor, which is a concern for ECISD since they have a shortage of laptops.

This is a solution for the teacher shortage in the Basin because of the extremely high cost of living in the area.

If the test run goes well, virtual teachers will become the norm in classrooms across West Texas.




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