It's that time of year when seniors get to move the tassel from one side of their hat to the other and close a chapter of their life known as high school. Graduation is such a huge time of celebration. Kids are celebrating the fact that they are done with high school and parents are celebrating the fact that their children have achieved such a milestone.

multiracial university students graduation

Families come together to celebrate the big day, as well as they should, it is a huge moment for a young person, where they are closing one chapter to start a new one.

Permian's graduation is set for tomorrow and Odessa High's is set for Saturday, both taking place at Ratliff Field.  Congratulations to the class of 2022! Enjoy this time and soak it all in.


Some things that you need to keep in mind are a new set of rules and guidelines being implemented for this year's ceremonies.  Here is a list of rules and guidelines to be aware of if you are attending one of these ceremonies.

1. A clear bag policy will be in effect. This means no purses, backpacks, or camera bags. Diaper bags will be allowed only after inspection.

2. No outside food or drinks

3. No umbrellas

4. No Fatheads

5. No Flags

6. No Flowers

7. No posters or banners

8. No ballons or confetti

9. No air horns or noisemakers

10. No Blankets

11. No strollers

12. No Drones

Failure to comply could lead to you being removed from the premises.

I am assuming after the event horrible even in Uvalde, ECISD officials are trying to do their best to provide the safest environment possible for these graduates and their families.



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