Its been a little over 2 years since the mass shooting in Odessa, and the report from the Texas Department of Public Safety has just been released on the gunman's route and the number of crime scenes.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the final report is out concerning the mass shooting on August 31, 2019 and the report shows 63 rounds of ammunition was fired, and 24 crime scenes were identified.

DPS reports there were probably a lot more rounds of ammunition that were never recovered.

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The report also puts together Seth Ator's route using video surveillance and 911 call records.

It all began at West Loop 250 and Interstate 20 in Midland when Ator was pulled over by DPS troopers. He fled from the troopers and continued west on I-20 before turning north on Loop 338.

Ator drove sporadically on Loop 338 and Highway 191 turning in several commercial driveways before finally turning on John Ben Shepperd Parkway and then going up and down residential streets that included Maple, Grandview, Everglade, Adams, and Walnut.

There is a 4-minute lapse that officials were unable to locate Ator's vehicle before he reappeared on Yukon. He then headed south on Faudree, turned on 191 again, and turned into the driveway of Medical Center Hospital ProCare just outside of Cinergy Cinemas where he was fatally shot by police.

During his shooting spree, 45 people were identified as being shot at, but most of the people were not injured.

Ator was found with one .223 semi-automatic rifle and 58 rounds of ammunition when he was shot by law enforcement.

The report also showed that Ator had many encounters with police, mostly in Amarillo, and had numerous psychological evaluations since his childhood.

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