Every area has it's memories. Every area has it's vintage radio stations, tv stations, stores that were beloved back in the day, and restaurants everyone went to.... Plus, Attractions in the area like water or amusement parks. Places memories were made with your family and friends.

There's nothing better than sitting back and reminiscing. Growing up in Chicago we had our share of vintage television ads--Empire Carpeting commercials, a flooring competitor called Luna, United Auto Insurance and more. All with recognizable jingles you couldn't get out of your head--that usually sang the phone number! Here are some from Midland-Odessa back in 1989 that will instantly bring back memories:

Ah the big 80's hair! And the fashion! Love it! It's been interesting to watch the quality of television ads grow over the decades. And now of course with HD it's a whole different ball game. Speaking of ball games--who didn't love tossing the beach ball around in the water back in the day? I found this great video that was undoubtedly shot via drone with aerial footage--of what looks like was a fantastically fun water park in Odessa that opened in 1980 but closed in 2003. Some of the comments on the video indicate there may have been plans to try and reopen it over the past 10 years but might have just been too expensive to renovate after all this time. I'm sure there are people looking at this who have some memories of great times at this park:

I know there are much much smaller versions of this in both cities but wow would that be fun to see all fixed up and open again! Always fun to do a great stroll down memory lane, whether you're from here or not.

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