Is Phoebe Bridgers engaged to Paul Mescal?

Many fans think so after an alleged "troll" Twitter account supposedly belonging to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy appeared to confirm the news.

On Tuesday (Oct. 4), an account by the name of @MatthewTHealy tweeted: "I wanna be Phoebe Bridgers. Imagine being such a lesbian icon that you just get engaged to the sexiest straight man on earth. Truly a based god."

The account appears to be known to fans of Healy as the singer's troll account, though it's unconfirmed.

"U literally just confirmed phoebes engagement to lesbians everywhere do u realize the severity of this," one fan replied.

In another tweet, user @MatthewTHealy said they "only heard rumors" like everyone else.

However, one fan called them out, replying, "ONLY HEARD RUMOURS MY A--."

User @MatthewTHealy doubled down, writing that "this is why people actually don’t tell me stuff."

"You filmed a music video with her like five minutes ago did you not chit chat about life between takes," another fan wrote.

"Fr. I just Stan," the account responded.

"I cant believe phoebe bridgers is engaged and we found out because matty healy doesnt think before he sh--posts," one fan tweeted.

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The engagement speculation conjures Bridgers' 2020 tweet about wearing a wedding dress while on tour with The 1975.

Bridgers has been friends with Healy for a while now, even making a cameo in The 1975's recent music video for "I'm In Love With You," the third single from their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

Bridgers began dating Irish actor Paul Mescal in 2020. The pair went Instagram official in December 2021.

Speculation about their possible engagement began swirling in April 2022 when the pair were spotted at Coachella together.

However, the relationship rumors have never been confirmed by Bridgers or Mescal.

It's unclear as of publishing if Bridgers is actually engaged.

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