The rivalry between Dallas and Washington has been going on for years, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones bringing the sideline benches to Washington for the game was just another story to add to this classic rivalry.

The Dallas Cowboys did become the first team in NFL history to bring their benches with the team logo all over them to a game where they were the visiting team.

It could have been worse if Dallas had lost the game which it did look like might happen in the second half of the game when Dallas started out with a 24-0 lead at halftime and then Washington came roaring back scoring 20 points in the second half to Dallas' 3 points.

The benches being sent to Washington were in response to the Seattle Seahawks mentioning that in their game on November 30, the warming benches at FedEx Field in Washington had gone out during the game.

So to prevent the same thing from happening, Jerry Jones called up Dragon Seats out of Cleveland and had their own benches shipped to FedEx Field in Washington.

As you can expect, the fans in Washington were livid and many took to social media to slam the Cowboys for bringing their own benches to the game.

This just keeps the rivalry of Dallas/Washington interesting as far as I am concerned, after many years of the NFC East being called the NFC Least because of bad play from all 4 teams in the division and Washington winning the division last year with a 7-9 record.

We will see how this year pans out but the Dallas/Washington rivalry is back in less than 2 weeks when Washington travels to Dallas for the second game of the season. We will see if Washington will bring their own benches to Dallas.

Just in case you were wondering, Dallas leads the overall record of the rivalry 74-47-2.


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