After two seasons of just being known as the "Washington Football Team," the new team name and logo will be revealed on 2/2/22.

Monday, July 13, 2020 was the official date that Washington dropped the Redskins name after 87 years because the name is offensive to indigenous people.

The history of the Dallas/Washington rivalry dates back to the year Dallas entered the league and the next year they became division rivals of the Cowboys pretty much immediately.

Cowboys fans such as myself have been conditioned to dislike Washington over the years even though the Cowboys have a decisive lead in the overall record with Washington at 75-47-2.

The rivalry is a classic one with huge games between Tom Landry and Geroge Allen in the 70s to Tom Landry and Joe Gibbs in the 80s.

Other notable player matchups include Don Meredith and Sonny Jergensen to Roger Staubach and Joe Theisman to Troy Aikman and Mark Rypien.

But the rivalry has been a bit less exciting with Washington not having a team name for the past two seasons, but that will all change on February 2, 2022.

To see the road Washington has gone down over the past two years check out the video below:

There is even a YouTuber that reveals that the new name has been leaked, check that out below:

Don't expect any names for indigenous people or even the Senators which has already been the name of three baseball teams in Washington. One was created in 1892 and dissolved in 1899, the second one began in 1901 but moved to Minnesota in 1960 and became the Twins and the third began in 1961 and moved to Texas in 1971 to become the Texas Rangers.

We will see if the YouTuber is right on February 2nd and see if they become the Washington Admirals.


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