Look, this chihuahua didn't want to stay home alone so, she stowed away in the luggage. The chihuahua has probably seen the movie 'Home Alone' and was not having it.
A couple from Lubbock here in Texas did what most people do and packed up their luggage and headed to the airport for their vacation getaway.

Jared and Kristi Owens from Lubbock, Texas were on their way to Las Vegas! Hey, we've all been there, right? Excited to hit Vegas!  Well, while at the Southwest Airlines counter, they decided to rearrange their luggage. That's where Icky comes in! Yes, ICKY is the chihuahua's name and he wasn't having any part of staying home.

According to KCBD.com....

“They put it on the scale and this bag is basically like five, five and a half pounds overweight. Really quickly we are like, oh, we have got to rearrange some stuff. Opens it up and literally, there’s our dog coming out of my boot, coming out of my boot with his head bopping up.”

Yes, ICKY found his way into one of Jared's boots and hid inside until he was discovered at the airport. Apparently, the Southwest Airline worker had a great attitude about the whole thing and even offered to babysit ICKY while they went to VEGAS for the weekend. Now. that's service!

Icky will have to wait to hit up VEGAS another time. Thankfully, Icky was okay and all went well. Yep, you might want to check your luggage twice before heading out on vacation so you don't have any surprises.

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