The mysterious new David Fincher project that Netflix has been teasing online this week has been revealed. It’s called Voir, a “new documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, from the mind of one of film’s modern masters.” The show will debut at the AFI Fest in November and then premiere on Netflix after that.

Netflix announced the show with a brief teaser:

Netflix didn’t offer much more information about the show beyond that, but there’s a few other tidbits out there. AFI Fest’s official lineup was just announced, and they list the directors for the project as David Prior, Taylor Ramos, Tony Zhou — Ramos and Zhou were the creators of the popular YouTube video essay series Every Frame a Painting. Film critic Drew McWeeny is also involved with the series; he published a newsletter with more details about Voir.

This is a series of stand-alone video essays about movies. We’re not trying to sell you anything, and we’re not interviewing anyone about what Marvel movies they’re doing. We’re each tackling a totally different idea, something that intrigues us or upsets us or that has to do with our connection to the movies. Each one runs between 10 and 30 minutes, and they were produced with the full support and involvement of Fincher and David Prior, who you may know as the director of The Empty Man.

A series of video essays from the guys behind Every Frame a Painting and David Fincher? That sounds like a must-watch.

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