Spring is being celebrated across the United States which means one of many things, Easter Sunday is almost here. It's that wonderful day that seems to radiate Brady Bunch-style vibes, due to the pastels, and people go to church, eat with their families, and watch all the kiddos hunt for those Easter eggs.

For many people across the United States, Easter eggs are just the normal thing to hunt for but in many Hispanic/Latin American homes, it's the cascarones that are the real prize. Now for those of you who have never heard of cascarones, eggshells, they are those colored eggs that are filled with confetti and are cracked on other people's heads.

Don't worry the eggs have been drained of all yolks and whites and set to dry, some families do make their own cascarones (such as my own). After the eggs have been dried they are then dyed different colors and dried again and then filled with confetti, biodegradable confetti does exist, and then sealed with tissue paper.

So why do people do this? Well, it's simple, because it's Easter and eggs symbolize rebirth and the cascarones are said to also bring good luck to those they are cracked on. Due to the egg being designed so well sometimes you might encounter a cascaron that will not break when you try to crack it on someone's head which could cause some injuries.

It is advised that if you are going to crack cascarones, on the way down onto someone's head just crack it in your hand right before making contact to avoid any injuries. Speaking from personal experience cracking one of those unbreakable eggs on an elderly person's head will take you out of the Easter mood. Some local stores are selling cascarones but it's easier to find someone selling them by the bag near/at the National Flea Market on Clovis Road or anywhere in North and East Lubbock.

So put on your Sunday best and make sure your hair is done the most perfect it has ever been because the confetti will be that much harder to get out and watch your back. Would any of you try cracking cascarones during your Easter celebration or do you already? Let us know in the comments and share with us your favorite Easter moments, photos of cascarones and confetti in your hair are welcome.


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