Look, I get it. Trust me when I say I know the real meaning of Easter and it is such a beautiful celebration. Well, except for 1 little thing. There is something about Easter that I can absolutely do without and I think some moms would agree with me. 

After the coloring of the Easter eggs, the cookie or cake baking, the preparation of the Easter meal and such there is one thing that this momma would love to leave out of the equation. No more confetti eggs! The cascarones. I just can't with them.

Hear me out. I get it, they're fun, they have become a cool part of Easter tradition in the last few years, especially when stores began selling them already made, back in the day if we wanted them, we had to make them ourselves, it is a lot of work FYI. But OMG the mess!

My kids know if you are going to break the eggs on anyone's head in our home, that better be taking place outside! But does it really even matter? Once you're done having your fun, the colorful, confetti mess makes its way inside anyway.

I gave up on Easter Sunday with those eggs. I swept no fewer than 3 times. I lost that battle. At one point I said forget it, if the confetti falls from your hair and clothes, you are doing the sweeping and/or vacuuming! Not a fan.

I'm not trying to be an Easter party pooper but I know our entire family will be dealing with confetti for days and probably even weeks to come! Thoughts?

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