The effects of construction may not be felt for a few weeks but traffic is going to get dicey in the next few weeks.

According to CBS 7, signs are popping up all over Highway 191 and Loop 250 to prepare drivers for a two-year project to begin on that interchange.

Yep, you heard right, two years, the reconstruction of the area will involve the service roads getting more lanes, on and off-ramps getting braided and flipped in some cases, and intersections being redone.

The area will be great once it gets done, but until then, it will be a pain.

“It’s going to be inconvenient for people. You know, if I live in North Midland, I’d probably take Midland Drive to get to 191 instead of taking Loop 250. I’m going to find a different route to avoid the construction as much as I can,” said TxDOT spokesman Gene Powell.

Another area that will be getting reconstructed will be along I-20 which will make driving between Midland and Odessa very annoying.

Powell stated that the two projects should have started years ago, but the funding was not there.

Now the funding is there so there is no time like the present to get the projects done, just be prepared for lanes to be closed off and lines to form, but just think ahead to when the project is completed how much better it will be.

Famous last words I know, but the reconstruction of I-20 is necessary to prevent oilfield trucks from crashing into bridges and the construction on Loop 250 and 191 is necessary to keep traffic moving smoothly in the decades to come.


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