When Eternals is over, don’t leave your seat. (For a reeeeally long time.)

The movie isn’t out in theaters for almost a month, but director Chloe Zhao has already revealed that the film has multiple post-credits scenes that are both, in her words “important” to watch.

Here’s how she answered a Fandango question about whether there was stuff after the credits in her movie:

Yes! Don’t just stay for the first one — also stay for the second one, too. They are equally as important in weight, and both have big surprises for you.

It will be interesting to see how (or even if) these scenes will connect to any other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies past or future.

In the same interview, Zhao emphasized that Eternals “completely stands alone” in the MCU; the only prerequisite knowledge you need to understand it is the fact that half the universe disappeared and then returned in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. She did also say, though, that “what happens in this film will have huge implications on the future.”


Here is the film’s official synopsis:

“Eternals” follows a group of heroes from beyond the stars who had protected the Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called the Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again.

Eternals is scheduled to open in theaters on November 5. Advance tickets are on sale now. And remember: Two post-credits scenes. Don’t leave early. You’ll never forgive yourself afterwards.

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