Even though 'Public Enemies' wasn't his best effort, we'll always keep our eye open for whatever Michael Mann does next. Though he had bad... something with his HBO show 'Luck,' it looks like Mann is returning to the big screen for an untitled thriller with Chris Hemsworth set to star.

This comes from Variety, who note that Mann has been working on the script for a year with Morgan Davis Foehl. Though you may not have heard of Foehl, he was an assistant editor who's turned to screenwriter and is currently adapting 'Mass Effect' for the big screen. Of course little is known about what the film is about other than it having cyber threats, so we can ascertain it's not a period film.

And this is a good director for Hemsworth to have. Though he's made the role of Thor his own, he's yet to prove he's a draw outside of his franchise. He recently made 'Rush' with Ron Howard, and that might work out for him, but there's no denying that Mann does great work with male actors, and from films like 'Thief' to 'Heat' to 'The Insider' to 'Miami Vice,' you're going to look exceptionally cool in his movies -- as long as you don't have a mullet, but we already know Hemsworth can do those well too. This is in development, so we'll definitely be keeping tabs on this one.