There's no way that Pixar accidentally made their fashion designer/superhero costumer Edna Mode in 'The Incredibles' look exactly like actress Linda Hunt, and we refuse to believe any evidence to the contrary.

Some say Edna was based on legendary costume designer Edith Head, but Hunt's diminutive stature (she's 4 foot 9 inches tall) and her role as fashion editor Regina Krumm in the film 'Prêt-à-Porter' certainly suggest the CGI character was at least partially inspired by the actress and her distinct haircut/glasses combo.

Hunt can currently be seen on the cop drama 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (not be confused with 'NCIS,' 'NCIS: Special Victims Unit' or 'NCIS: Parking Wars') where she plays Hetty Lange, a character who also manages to have a bowl haircut and enormous glasses. We're sensing a trend here, Helen.

Unfortunately, Edna Mode can currently only be seen in 'The Incredibles' because she's a fictional character and that's the ways these things work.