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Chris Daughtry's Daughter's Death Being Investigated

Chris Daughtry has postponed his tour in the wake of his daughter Hannah's death. The musician's daughter was found dead in her home at the age of 25 on Friday (Nov. 12). A DA told Fox News that her passing is being "investigated" but that it's too early to rule her death a homicide.

Adele 'Divorces Herself' on New Album

During Adele's CBS special this past weekend, the singer revealed a lot about her divorce and whether or not her new album (out this Friday) is a "divorce album." While talking with Oprah about what fans can expect from her new project, Adele said, "I think I’m divorcing myself in it." (via TMZ)

Americans Get Around 30 Scam Calls Every Month

Nothing is worse than getting a call from an unknown number and not knowing whether or not you should pick up. According to a new study, two in five respondents said they receive 11 scam emails per month, and 34 percent said they get scam phone calls more than 11 times a month. (via Study Finds)

Snoop Dogg Serves Raising Cane's Customers

Snoop Dogg has a new album coming out this Friday and, to help promote it, the rapper has been serving customers at his favorite chicken joint. See below:

Woman Climbs Into Zoo Exhibit and Throws Cash at Lion

A woman wearing a blond wig, red dress and leopard-print shawl climbed over a barrier at the Bronx zoo in New York while holding roses and cash. She then preceded to throw cash at a lion that she claimed was her "long lost friend." (via NBC New York)

Dave Chappelle’s High School Delays Fundraiser

In the wake of Dave Chappelle's Netflix special controversy, the comedian's former high school has delayed renaming the Duke Ellington School of the Arts high school theater after him following a protest by its students. (via Hollywood Reporter)

'Sex and the City' Airbnb: Look Inside Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment has been recreated thanks to Airbnb. Look inside the famous Sex and the City apartment, below.

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