It had to happen eventually. I knew when I took this job that the day would finally come where I would be on my own in the office at the end of the hallway. That day is this Sunday, as the 7-2 Dallas Cowboys head to Kansas City to take on my Chiefs at 3:25 PM. It seems to be a new day for the Cowboys organization, coming off last season which didn't find many fans overly excited coming into this year. But it's a whole new day 5 hours down I-20 from the Permian Basin at AT & T Stadium. Dak is back and ready for the attack on the field-and his teammates are just as ready. Ah-but they haven't run into the Patrick Mahomes buzz saw yet......

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The smack talk in the hallway here at the stations hasn't started yet-but it's still early in the week. I have been asked how I became a KC fan. A legitimate question, given the successes the team has had, with five straight division titles from 2016-2020, as well as the past two Superbowl appearances to name a few. There are many I run into who want to immediately assume because I live in West Texas, I'm a bandwagon fan. Even with the Patrick Mahomes/Texas Tech connection, they think that way. However--I lived in Kansas in 2011 thru 2013, and that's when it happened for me. Romeo Crennel was Head Coach my first season as a fan, and Matt Cassel was the team's Quarterback. The following season the team would go 2 and 14, only beating the Saints and the Panthers that year.... So it was a brutal introduction to my team but as a fan, you're in it and rooting, win or lose.

Sunday will be interesting--The Cowboys are on their game, and the Chiefs are "righting the ship" after a shakey first half but seem to have it together going forward. Either way--Sunday will certainly be a Funday!

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