Over the last few weeks there's been no drought of bad parking. Check out the latest pictures posted on the Braking Bad Facebook page, featuring bad parking and driving around West Texas!

I started the BRAKING BAD Facebook page is a way for people to vent their frustrations about bad drivers and bad parking in West Texas. It's also an alternative to keying someone's car when they park so close to you you can't get in to yours except through your passenger side window; after all the Internet is forever and you won't risk going to jail.

Our first picture is for me. I took this one yesterday of a poorly parked moving van. Instead of parking out in the lot, they instead decided to just pull into one of the spaces close to the building and block traffic for everyone else. Thanks.


Our next picture is from Eddie who got this bad parking event at Jorge's in Midland: 'Jorge's in Midland. At the beginning of the lunch rush. In the front, not out in the wider parking lot. Thanks a lot. It's all about you. 7-28-15 11:50am.'

Here's one from Dianne: 'Outside rockstar, the parking lot was being re-finished.'

Mani captured this amazing parking job:

Tammy got this one @ McDonalds on 8th:

Finally, John gets an honorable mention for coming up with some great reminders that can be placed on offenders vehicles!


When you see examples of bad parking or driving, don't get mad, get even: Send them to the Braking Bad Facebook page!