It's been 60 years since Hollywood invaded the small West Texas town of Marfa to begin filming of the iconic 'Giant'. PBS kicks off their new season April 17th with 'Children of Giant,' a documentary that returns to Marfa — the now a thriving arts community — to explore the making of the film and its legacy.

Some of the 'old timers' remember when the cameras and stars came rolling into Marfa to film 'Giant' 60 years ago.

The lavish Warner Bros. production was directed by Oscar winner George Stevens ('A Place in the Sun') and starred Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor as Bick and Leslie Benedict and James Dean, who would die just a few months later in a fatal car crash, as the rebellious Jett Rink.

The movie broke ground in several areas: A strong female protagonist and desegregated themes where Mexican-American worked and played along with anglos.

Released in fall 1956, "Giant" was a box office hit and received 10 Academy Award nominations, winning best director for Stevens.

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