15 Celebrities Who Saved Lives and Stopped Crimes

These actors, singers and athletes don't just do incredible things in their careers, they also do incredible things in their spare time, like save lives.

This week, Tom Hardy made headlines when he single-handedly stopped a moped thief on the streets of South London. That had us thinking about which other celebrities have gone above and beyond when not on set, on the field, or in the studio. Wouldn't you know it, a number of our favorite icons from all breadths of stardom have had their hands in heroic deeds.

Whether they just happened to be in the neighborhood when a terrible car accident happened, or they knew taking the time to talk to someone could make the difference, these celebs made an impact with their deeds that went way beyond words or notes on a page. As heartfelt as a performance may be, it's not quite the same as literally saving someone's life by reaching out with a hand at just the right time.

Some of these icons even put their own lives on the line for the sake of others, which proved that no matter what your standing in life, we're all humans and we're all looking out for each other. A lot of celebrities donate to charity or even create their own foundations for the less fortunate, and this list isn't meant to diminish those efforts. These 15 famous faces just happen to have saved lives or stopped crimes with their own hands, and those are remarkable feats that shouldn't go unnoticed.

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