Are you getting ready for your Valentine's Day date or maybe you WANT your date with that special friend to be HOTTER! Here are five of my favorite songs sure to fire up any Valentine's Day.

Yep it is time to bring your "Sexy Back"! I love getting ready th this song and I always toss in a little sexy dance when I'm getting ready!

Ok, I know what you are thinking, really, "Pour Some Sugar On Me"! In my opinion this is the best song for any car ride, just be careful not to get too sticky, you might not make it to dinner! LOL

My husband ask me all the time to play this song! "Everything" is such a sweet song and I love that I'm my husband's personal DJ and I'm his everything!

"Your Body" or my body either way this song is a must on my playlist! Yes, this song might be a little trashy but I love the crazy sexy lyrics!

If you have been "Locked Out of Heaven" then I'm sorry! I love this song by Bruno Mars, my husband said that I needed to add this to the get ready list! I think it is fair to say that after this song or during you won't be locked out of heaven! LOL

What's on your get ready play list?