I'm a fan of the CBS show, 'A Person of Interest', and when they added their canine costar "Bear", I liked it even more. 

“Never work with children or animals.” - W.C. Fields

Person Of Interest stars Jim CaviezelMichael EmersonKevin ChapmanSarah ShahiAmy Acker and a canine named Boker, who we were introduced to in Season 2 of

Boker, who plays Bear, quickly became a fan favorite and his cast mates share the love! An integral part of Team Machine, Bear protects his members. He gets the bad guys and helps out the good guys.

CBS posted a 5 part series where fans can get a look behind-the-scenes on set of Person Of Interest to learn a little bit more about our canine friend. Watch Part 1 here!
Who's your favorite from the show?


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