I was always told as a kid that since Texas was a republic before it was a state, we can fly our flag at the same height as the American flag, well this is true but not for that reason.

Actually, all 50 state flags can fly at the same height as the American flag, there is nothing in the federal flag code that gives Texas preferential treatment just because it was a republic before it was admitted as a state.

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According to Snopes, here are a couple of explanations from the federal flag code:

  • When the national and state flag is flown on the same halyard, the national flag should be at its peak.
  • When they are flown on separate poles, the U.S. flag should be flown to the right (observer's left) and should be on a staff of equal or greater height.

See, any state flag can be flown at the same height.

Sorry to let y'all know but the Texas flag is not any more or less special than the other 49 states of the union.

Also, there is nothing that says anyone will be penalized or jailed if the proper flag etiquette is not followed.

So there are no worries that if you fly the flag wrong that you will be imprisoned or drawn and quartered, we are not like Russia after all.

If you are from a patriotic family like I am, there will be no exceptions to the rule and all flags will be flown below the American flag because it is the proper way to do it.


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