A Taylor Swift stan dedicated her entire wedding to the "Blank Space" singer. Victoria Garrick Brown shared on TikTok that her special day was inspired by the superstar.

She explained that as a huge Swiftie, she chose her wedding date around Swift and even mentioned her in her vows.

"It's giving obsessed but also appropriately understated," she captioned the viral clip that has amassed over 1.9 million views.

Watch the clip here:

"If you know me, you know I love Taylor Swift, and I got married just a few weeks ago, and this is everything that I did to honor the Queen," she said via TikTok. "First of all, I did in fact get married on the most Swiftie date of all time. In my heart, I truly don't believe there's a more Taylor Swift date than Aug. 13, 2022."

The date is recognized amongst Swifties as a day to pay homage to the singer. Swift also released her smash hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" on Aug. 13, 2012.

"Next up is the venue, it was very inspired by the 'Love Story' fairytale music video — that was a big reason why I loved Taylor Swift growing up as well," she continued. "I just believed in love like that, so I really wanted the venue and the vibe to feel just like that."

Brown stated that the only music allowed in her "bridal suite was Taylor Swift."

"We tried to switch it up at one point because the girls were like 'Vic come on' and then I got so anxious. I was like, 'I'm sorry, back to Taylor Swift'," she declared. "I also named dropped Taylor Swift in my vows, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to 'Love Story,' and our first dance song was 'Lover.'"

Instead of a typical guest book, the superfan opted for a phone for wedding guests to leave voicemails for the couple.

Although it doesn't initially seem Swift themed, the sign read, "The Browne's can't come to the phone right now" — a nod to the Grammy-winner's tune "Look What You Made Me Do."

The bride explained: "And our guest book was after the tone — so excited about it as people left us voicemails! We're waiting to get it back, and it's going to be amazing."

Brown gave an update on TikTok, sharing her wedding video.

See the clip here:

"Why am i crying over the wedding video of a stranger," a user commented on the video of Brown's special day, while another said: "Crying. Screaming. Sobbing."

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