One bride was mortified after her bestie played an "incriminating" voicemail during her wedding.

Sabrina Flores claimed she played "hard to get" while dating her now-husband, Brendon de Spain, after first meeting him on Bumble, Mirror reports.

Despite trying to be "cool," she left her bestie, John Martin, a voice note gushing about Brendon after their first date, calling him "f---ing gorgeous" in the voicemail.

Sabrina chose John as her maid of honor for her wedding to Brendon, not knowing he was going to surprise her by playing the voicemail in front of all the guests — including Brendon's grandparents.

During his speech at the reception, John revealed there was a "special guest" who would like to say a few words.

He then revealed that Sabrina herself would be speaking "from the past," and hit play on the voicemail as the shocked bride listened.

In the video, Sabrina can be seen burying her face in her hands as she insists, via voicemail, that she's "never connected with anyone like she did with this guy" after their first date.

Watch the TikTok clip below:

"My maid of honor, John, has been my best friend since college. We always used to jest that I was nervous for his speech, even back in 2017, because he's such a mischievous lad. He's British himself and embodies the philosophy of jest and just having a good laugh," Sabrina told Mirror, adding: "I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I'd forgotten about it. When he said 'we're going to invite Sabrina up to say some special words... from the past,' I was terrified."

Sabrina continued: "Of course, in true best friend fashion, he embarrassed the living daylight out of me, in front of my friends and family, [where I was] dropping the F-bombs all over the place and calling my husband incredibly sexy in front of his grandparents. I was hoping it wasn't too incriminating because I went into a lot of detail [back then]. I was sweating".

Thankfully, though perhaps unsurprisingly, her husband loved the gush-y voicemail.

"Honestly, Brendon was looking at me the entire time and I couldn't bear to lock eyes with him. He was especially amused because the entirety of the beginning of our relationship, I was playing it so cool," the new wife shared. "I acted like I was very much disinterested and played hard to get, meanwhile this was my reaction from the beginning."

Users commented on the hilarious clip, which has been viewed over 1.2 million times as of publishing.

"The fact that he saved that and dug it up to play it, such a sweet friend! That was sooo cute hearing it from your own words," one person wrote.

"Omg this is so cute, my hearts [sic] all warmed and I have this huge grin. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness," another commented.

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