Firefighters and police officers in Glendale, Ariz. certainly earned extra hero points after braving a burning home to rescue a trapped dog and her puppies.

The officers' quick-thinking recovery efforts saved seven puppies, their mother and two other dogs.

Body cam footage captured on the scene was shared on YouTube via USA Today.

The video shows officers rushing into a home garage that's up in flames. The fire has already engulfed one wall as the firefighters and police enter the room, where the tiny puppies have scattered in fear and can be heard crying in the background.

The heart-pounding footage shows officers working together as they race to locate all of the puppies while collecting them in an empty dog bowl to carry them to safety.

Watch the footage below:

"Once the garage door was open, the mother of the pups ran out as our officers ran inside to the sounds of squealing puppies. The officers managed to locate seven puppies and used a nearby dog bowl to safely remove the puppies from the burning home. Once the puppies were out, officers managed to wrangle up the mother dog and reunite her with her pups at a neighbor's home," Jose Santiago, spokesperson for the city of Glendale, said, according to FOX 10 Phoenix.

"The Glendale Fire Department recognizes the heroic efforts made by these Glendale police officers but want to stress to the public that re-entering a burning or smoke-filled home is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death," Santiago warned. "This is not recommended for the general public, but instead should be left to public safety professionals to do so in a safe manner."

FOX 10 Phoenix reports the dogs were taken to the Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center, where the family of dogs were treated for smoke inhalation.

Sadly, it's reported that one puppy did not survive, but the mom and the others are safe and recovering.

"Just seeing that footage for the first time, I would never have expected any of those animals to make it," Dr. Enrico Carluen, who treated the dogs, told FOX 10 Phoenix. "I do expect them to continue to do well and make it out of the hospital."

The house's three human residents were not home at the time of the fire. They have reportedly been displaced due to significant fire damage.

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