A bride was left mortified after the groom's best friend's wedding speech was riddled with jokes about divorce.

The woman who gave the questionable speech took to Reddit explaining her friend Leo recently got married for the second time after his first marriage ended abruptly after two years.

Due to the two of them being best friends, and having comforted him through the divorce, she thought it would be acceptable to make a joke about his second marriage ending. She even called his new wife Annie her "favorite of Leo's ex-wives."

"My best friend Leo and I are ride and die best friends," she wrote via Reddit, according to the The Mirror. "Leo got married to a woman around six years ago. They divorced 4 years ago. Now, Leo is engaged to Annie. She is basically fine, but I’ve always called her 'the anti chill.' Case in point, she did not want me involved in the wedding party."

On the morning of the wedding, she continued, "Leo said he felt bad [that] I wouldn’t be a part of the evening. I suggested that I introduce the best man (his brother, my friend). Leo agreed. When the reception rolled around, I couldn’t resist adding a few jokes."

One of those jokes? A dig at Leo's previous divorce — which didn't sit well with the bride.

"[I said things like] 'Well, it’s so nice to see everyone at Leo’s wedding … again' ... 'Can you hear me in the back? Don’t worry if you can’t; I’m sure I will have a chance to do this speech again in a few years,' and 'Annie, I can already tell that you will be one of my favorite Leo's ex-wives,'" the woman wrote, adding, "I’m not completely tone deaf, so I also included a genuine bit at the end about how much Leo means to me."

Luis Tosta Via Unsplash
Luis Tosta Via Unsplash

The woman noted that her speech "got a few laughs," but she was later told the bride was "mortified" by her comments. Leo was upset, too.

"I got some laughs and felt great, but then Leo came up to me and said Annie was mortified that I would joke about divorce at her wedding. He told me to apologize or leave. The drama wasn’t worth it so I bailed," she shared. "Leo has barely spoken to me since; didn’t text me from his honeymoon once. I can’t imagine having this extreme of a reaction to a joke. I think Annie is insecure that there is some truth to what I said."

Users rallied behind the newlyweds, letting the woman know her speech was out of line.

"You found a way to be in a wedding the bride didn't want you in and proved she was right not to want you in the wedding," one person wrote.

"I’ll say the same to you as I said to the guys at work when we were attending a friend’s second wedding — absolutely for the love of god do not mention divorce, second weddings or his first wife," another commented.

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