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IS this bad news for me? Went out on an awesome first date this past weekend so I thought. I thought everything went well, but at the end of the date I went in for a HUG and she said IM NOT A HUGGER...I'm a handshaker! And that was it. She's text me like 2 times since then and I just want to know if that was a sign that I'M SCREWED on a chance for another date.  Red flag? Am I now in the Friend Zone?


Ron - Dude, I've been on many dates where it ended with a hand shake , no biggie...she just don't HUG on the first date, that's all. .

Lisa - Um, she has every right not to HUG, Kiss or anything with at the end of the date. AND, it means nothing, If she likes you she's ask you for another date.

Not a hugger here. I think she's just not a hugger of random people. You just met. People have this conception that you have to hug everyone you meet. Incorrect. I am a fan of the handshake, especially when you just met. I feel like she's pretty … See more

Yeah dude. Don't even bother with her anymore. If she won't give you a hug theres a pretty good chance she won't give you other things. Drop her and get another one

1text sense then just move on

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