Brian Puspos is on track for a fast-paced 2017—but on "Starting Line," the choreographer-turned-singer is taking things nice and slow.

Houston-bred and Los Angeles-based Brian delivers chivalry and "roses in the evening" on the single off his new EP: "I will love you start to finish it / Do it the way you had it pictured / 'Cause I don't wanna miss a minute / I wanna love you start to finish," the soulful singer promises on the sensual, moody R&B jam amid a flurry of lush synths, acoustic guitar strums and trap-lite beats.

After first gaining recognition on America's Best Dance Crew, the hip hop artist worked as a choreographer and dancer for artists like Justin Bieber and K-pop's SHINee and EXO.

"Starting Line," as well as previous single "Murder She Wrote," mark the rising artist's solo music debut—and if slow and steady wins the (pop) race, Brian is on the fast track to stardom thanks to his talent for making deliciously sensual, danceable jams.

Co-written by Grammy-nominated artist Anderson .Paak and produced by The Stereotypes, the artist's debut EP, Slow Love and Bangin', is out now—and while the mini-album is perfect as the soundtrack for your next, uh, romantic evening, Brian was kind enough to curate a special playlist just for PopCrush.

Dim the lights and turn Brian's sexy playlist, below, all the way up. (PS: Be sure to check out his commentary, too, and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Music!)

"Be Ready" by Brian Puspos
"For the low key sexy vibes. Less is more sometimes."

"Nice & Slow" by Usher
"The ultimate go-to song to set the mood that you BOTH should know. If your partner doesn't know this song, then she/he too young!"

"Meeting in My Bedroom" by SILK
"Tell your woman/man to sit on the bed and then the dim the lights while you leave the room. Then grab a nice bottle of wine and two glasses. Right before you re-enter the room, play this song. You're welcome."

"Deep" by Blackstreet
"The perfect song for a mix of being gentle and aggressive. She/he might only have a taste for one or the other, but who knows? They might be down for both."

"Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men
"For the romantic nights. I recommend a little slow dance before anything. Watch what happens in that moment. You're welcome again."

"You Know What You Did" by Brian Puspos
"For that middle of the day get down. Just overall a fun time."

"Signs of Love Making" by Tyrese
"The true fun about how to execute this song is to re-enact the music video. If you both have a sense of humor, you'll appreciate this a lot."

"T-Shirt & Panties" by Adina Howard
"For the woman that feel like taking over the night. Fellas, you're welcome."

"Naked" by Lloyd
"I feel like not too many people know about this song. It's definitely slept on. I can play this song on repeat all day, it has every ingredient to a good-ass R&B song."

"Anywhere" by 112
"If you're both feeling adventurous... Just go by the lyrics, lol."

"No Bull---t" by Chris Brown
"One of my favorite Chris Brown songs. If you're dating a millennial, they LOVE this song."

"November 18th" by Drake
"If you want to take it real slow, you have to take it Houston.​"

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