Bret Michaels, the former leader of Poison, winner of 'Celebrity Apprentice' and driving force behind all those awesome seasons of 'Rock of Love' turns 50 years old today.

I'm actually a fan of Bret's dating back to the days of my youth when 'Look What the Cat Dragged In' played on a loop on my dual cassette player. I watched every season of 'Rock of Love' just because of the insanely hot but insanely insane women trying to win his heart. I even tuned in for every episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice' even when the Donald's very, very, very rampant overuse of the word very made me want to shove Trump Towers up his tight sphincter.

Now, what's a milestone birthday without a little roasting? In celebration of Bret and his 50 years on Earth, let's take a look back at his famous style from back in his 1980s prime. These photos will make your mouth open up and say "ahh that's hilarious!"

Rock on Bret.

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