Black Mirror is back with six new episodes about the unsettling and horrifying perils of technology. Now that you’ve risked your mental stability and binged through the fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series – if you haven’t yet, go fix that – you may have spotted some Easter eggs scattered throughout. To save you the trouble, we’ve found them all for you.

We found over 60 Easter eggs across all four seasons and 19 episodes of Black Mirror, from blink-and-you’ll-miss-em news headlines to laptop stickers, similar tech devices to one ominous symbol reappearing throughout. Our latest video points out all the hidden clues we could find, but beware of MAJOR SPOILERS for all four seasons.

The new episodes don’t have just any ol’ Easter eggs though, but ones that confirm one major fan theory: Black Mirror episodes exist in the one connected universe. Brooker has previously said his stand-alone chapters share the same psychological universe, but the new Easter egg-heavy episode “Black Museum” references almost every episode before it. I took it a step further and, after collecting all the hidden clues, theorized the sequential order of each Black Mirror episode in one timeline. Be sure to check that out, along with our full spoiler-free review of Season 4.

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