YouTuber Logan Paul has posted a stark apology to his channel after coming under fire for uploading a project in which he and friends are seen discovering the body of a man who apparently died from suicide and making jokes and laughed throughout.

"I don't expect to be forgiven, I'm simply here to apologize," Paul begins in the video below. He adds the clip, which finds him exploring the Aokigahara forest in Japan (the area is infamous for luring people who are considering suicide), was "raw and unfiltered," and said the experience of stumbling onto a dead body was "unplanned."

In one part of the video, which has since been deleted, Paul calls out to the body: "Yo, are you alive? Are you f------ with us?”

Paul proceeded to apologize to anyone affected by mental illness, those suffering from depression and, primarily, "the victim and his family."

“I should've never posted the video...I do not deserve to be defended," he said. "I’m ashamed of myself. I’m disappointed in myself. And I promise to do better. I will do better.”

The sentiment was a remarkably sterner departure from an earlier apology Paul posted to Twitter, in which he curtly dismissed notions that the video was a stunt, noting "I didn't do it for the views. I get views...I did it to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention."

Still, Twitter users were reticent to accept the apology, and many observed that Paul had more than enough time throughout the editing process to decide against posting.

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