Good deeds are always welcomed by a community and a new ordinance will encourage those who do good deeds to keep doing them.

According to NewsWest 9, after a resident decided to take it upon himself to clean up the city but was going to be charged to haul off the trash, the city of Big Spring is now considering a "Good Samaritan Ordinance" to help out with that expense.

Mayor Shannon Thomason said he will help encourage citizens to help clean up the town and not have any personal cost on their part.

"We had a gentleman here in town who was looking at cleaning some illegal dumping but was being charged for the dumping fees," said Mayor Thomason.  "He posted about it on Facebook, so I knew there had to be a way to basically forgive those fees if someone is doing something for the public benefit or public good."

Thomason stated the ordinance would allow the city to waive fees if they are helping out the community.

"If it passed the council, we will have the city manager look at the project if somebody wanted to do something," said Mayor Thomason. "They would have to bring it to the city manager and he looks at it. Quite frankly also to make sure no one is taking advantage of the program."

Mayor Thomason is hoping the ordinance helps out the city in numerous ways.

"This could also be used for rescue fees at the animal shelter," said Mayor Thomason. "The shelter is getting crowded and we need to clear out some space at times. The city manager can waive tagging fees for animal rescues rather than having to euthanize them."

The City of Big Spring hopes this brings about a cleaner and safer community.

"Other than health and public safety issues, we want our city to make a good presentation for visitors and potential businesses that want to locate here," said Mayor Thomason. "You know who wouldn't want a clean city?"

Mayor Thomason hopes to have the ordinance scheduled for a vote in the next city council meeting.

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