The Dark Knight might return after all.

When Ben Affleck dropped out of directing and then starring in his planned solo Batman movie, that seemed to be the end of his tenure at DC. And since then Affleck has insisted he doesn’t want to make “IP movies” anymore. His solo Batman movie became The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. Affleck’s Batman supposedly appears in The Flash — or at least he shot stuff for The Flash, although I don’t think anybody knows what that movie will look like when it finally arrives right now — but that was seemingly going to be his final DC curtain call.

Seemingly. Now it looks like DC may be recruiting Affleck to return — as a director, not as an actor (or as a Batman). In his recent thread of tweets about his plans for DC as the company’s new co-CEO, James Gunn revealed that he recently had a meeting with Affleck “precisely because he wants to direct & we want him to direct.”

The only issue, Gunn claimed, is they “just have to find the right project.”

Affleck’s resume as a director includes such superb thrillers as Gone Baby Gone and the Oscar winning Argo; a case could be made he’s a better filmmaker than an actor. (I don’t know that would necessarily make that case, but it could be made.) I’m not sure what DC project I would want Affleck to direct, but given the things he’d made in the past, it would probably be something from the world of espionage or crime. Maybe Manhunter? Or Human Target? Or maybe something with Deathstroke? There are certainly some options out there.

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