Whenever you're getting ready to go on a trip that involves getting thru the airport in time to catch a flight it can be stressful. Even when it's a smaller airport like the Midland  International Air & Space Port. Only a few gates to choose from, not far apart so there's no running to catch a flight unless you are incredibly late, right? Well-my wife was flying home recently to see my stepdaughter back in Illinois. She has the first flight out of the morning, which meant getting her there at least an hour to an hour and a half early so there would be no need to rush. Well as it turns out, we got a late start to the morning and the designated time she wanted to be on the road for the airport passed us by.

So I'm going a little faster than normal down Loop 250 and 191 to get to 1788 down to the airport... And once I turn onto the access road for the airport, the speed limit I believe is 30 mph on that road. I was going about 40, trying to get my wife to the terminal to get in the TSA line--and I come around a corner and there's a cop in the lane in front of me going slower... He flashes his lights at me a few times, but stays in the lane in front of me and doesn't get over, and slows down. I follow him all the way to the terminal, and as we come around the final corner to park and let my wife out there's a Police parking lot at the end of the building. I thought for sure he'd pull in there and then pull out, get behind me and give me a ticket--but he didn't. Just pulled in and sat there and watched me unload my wife's suitcase, and she walked in and I left.

Just a heads-up to leave in plenty of time-especially the early morning before the sun comes up and if you're running a bit late like I was, just deal with it and roll with the posted speed limit or you might not be as lucky as I was!

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