If you are the owner of vinyl albums like me, then you should remember Endless Horizons, the best place to get vinyl albums back in the day to now.

Endless Horizons will celebrate the occasion beginning at 10 am Saturday morning.

Back when I was a young adult fresh out of high school I worked for a record store called Musicden, logo from one of the pins we used to wear at the store is below.

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That is where I got the majority of my vinyl albums that I still have today.

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That is a section of my albums which at last count was right around 800.

For you historians, Musicden was located in the North Park Shopping Center on Loop 250 and Midkiff in Midland next to the only original retail store in that shopping center, Sally Beauty Supply.

The two anchor stores when the shopping center was built were Skaggs Alpha Beta (where Market Street is now) and Wal-Mart (where Hobby Lobby is now).

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Being my first job, it was a very memorable time in my life, selling records, cassettes, and the newest technology at the time, CDs, was a dream come true for a person who has always loved music.

Also having a discount on everything in the store because I worked there was the reason I quickly got my album collection up to 800 in about three years.

No matter how you celebrate the 15th Annual National Record Store Day, make sure at some point, if you have vinyl albums, you get a record player and enjoy music the way it used to be played.



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