The demolition of the old Midland Center and all the plaques involved will not be gone forever say Midland officials.

According to, Mayor Jerry Morales stated even though the old Midland Center is coming down, the Baby Jessica plaque that has been on the Midland Center for nearly 30 years will be incorporated in the new Midland Convention Center along with some other plaques that were in the old building.

The plaque is currently being kept at city hall until the completion of the new convention center in 2019.

City leaders say the designers of the new building are looking into incorporating the Baby Jessica plaque into the new construction at this time.

Mayor Morales says they are looking into having a "walk-of-time" type thing to incorporate the plaques into the new construction.

You can see the current plans of the new convention center and Centennial Plaza by going to their website.

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