For the partying crowd, there is a new club that will be opening up in the Apex Building at the ClayDesta Complex.

The future owners have asked the City of Midland Planning and Zoning Commission for a specific use designation and sale and consumption of alcohol at a bar inside the Apex Building.

The Apex Building is the building that is slanted on one side at ClayDesta and was built in the 1980s as the Chevron Building before they built their new building in west Midland and vacated the slanted building.

It has always been a cool building and for it to be housing a new nightclub would be a great concept especially if it is going to be on the slanted side of the building.

The City of Midland says that the "Apex Club" will be located in suite 2222 and will be a 7,424 square-foot business with 6,320 square feet of alcohol serviceable area.

The proposed hours of operation for the Apex Club will be 11 am-Midnight seven days a week with seating for 151 people.

The area was zoned as "commercial office" but the Apex Club will add "club designation" to the building as well.

This will be the first club in the ClayDesta area of Midland since "Dimensions" nightclub was opened in the late 70s and early 80s before being torn down in the early 80s to make way for the ClayDesta office complex.

That is also the club where Kristy Booth disappeared from back in 1980, to find out more about her disappearance, check out my article about it.




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