Two cousins have created an art company and plans to make murals like other big cities have right here in Midland.

According to NewsWest 9, cousins Jerry Collazo and James Ozuna created ArtWorks, and art company that has been successful in art work in schools, car shops, and barber shops.

They want to bring an art district to Midland just like other big cities have.

“The biggest thing that pushed us is the Bush elementary mural that we did. Once we did that we were like OK, this is starting to get a little real and that was our goal. You go to all these big cities and you have art districts everywhere, but Midland doesn’t have anything,” said Collazo.

James Ozuna says the biggest challenge is lack of support from the City of Midland.

“We just got to get in with the city we just got to let them know. Spray paint art isn’t always bad, all the walls that are graffiti-ed on we could go back and make something beautiful with the same thing, spray paint,” said Ozuna.

They believe the opportunities are endless once they get the city to see their point.

“The saying for Midland is 'Keep Midland Beautiful.' Midland is not beautiful, we need to make Midland beautiful, and we can do that through art. All these buildings could be painted with beautiful murals. Not only through us, there's so many artists in Midland that we know that we could just contract work out or just give it to them, you know go paint this,” said Ozuna.

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