If there was one word to describe Ariana Grande's modus operandi, it would be, simply, love. The anti-bullying, pro-LGBTQ pop star is all about acceptance, girl power, empowerment and uplifting her legions of passionate fans, both old and young.

To celebrate the singer's love-fueled mission in the wake of the tragic terror attack that took place at her Dangerous Woman Tour stop in Manchester on May 22, we're rounding up Grande's five most uplifting and inspiring tracks ever, below.

"Be Alright," Dangerous Woman
A euphoric, throbbing dance floor jam featuring flourishes of '90s house music, "Be Alright" is a rallying cry against the pain and heartache of the world. When Grande sings, "We're gonna be alright," there's conviction in her voice. It's a comforting promise that there's a light at the end of the tunnel: "...Daylight is so close, so don't you worry 'bout a thing."

"Break Free" Ft. Zedd, My Everything
A thumping EDM banger, "Break Free" finds Grande belting out about doing literally just that. After finding herself nursing a broken heart, the artist rejects the heartache and armors up. "I only wanna die alive / Never by the hands of a broken heart / ...This is the part when I say I don't want ya / I'm stronger than I've been before," she cries out over the flurry of Zedd-programmed beats. It's a big, infectious anthem for anyone who's breaking out of their chains.

"Better Days" (Victoria Monet Ft. Ariana Grande)
Released in 2016 after the horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting as well as in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Victoria Monet's "Better Days" featuring Grande is a gorgeous mid-tempo R&B ballad that serves as a plea for peace. Appearing on the emotionally-charged bridge, Grande pleads, "So how we gonna stop the violence, stop the hurting? / Stop the hatred, stop the murder / We're all human, that's for certain / Come together, we deserve it / What kind of life will our babies have if we don't change up and make it last?"

"Put Your Hearts Up"
On her debut single, Grande sings about the importance of spreading love in a world where we all feel "so small." "You think you're never gonna make your mark / Sit back and watch the world while it falls apart," she coos, before bursting into the encouraging chorus: "Lemme see you put your hearts up, yeah lemme see you put your hearts up, yeah / If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world!" More than just a dance-pop bop, it's a sweet, stirring call-to-action.

"Faith," SING soundtrack (Stevie Wonder Ft. Ariana Grande)
A joyful duet between Stevie Wonder and the pop star, the two artists trade playful verses before uniting on the song's big, bright chorus: "I got faith in you baby, I got faith in you now / And you've been sucha, sucha good friend to me / Know that I love you somehow (love you somehow) / I met you, hallelujah, I got faith." It's an ode to believing in yourself, as well as your loved ones.

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