I recently heard a quote that I absolutely love. "I once went to a restroom. Something that I disagreed with was written above the urinal. I still used the urinal."

At first glance, this quote seems innocent enough. Why would somebody else's opinion change where you do your business? But if you look just a bit deeper, this quote is brilliant. Why? Because it sums up the ideal thought process perfectly: fundamental disagreement is not necessarily a sound basis for lack of support.
Look at this on the smallest level. My wife likes certain reality shows. I do not care for reality shows. But her affinity for reality shows will not lead to the loss of my support. I can't write her off for one thing that I disagree with. I get what I need out of life with her, so that one issue is easy to look past.
Move it up a level. I have friends who will not eat at a certain restaurant because the founder of the chain is opposed to same-sex marriage. Personally, I am 100% for marriage equality. But if I want a spicy chicken sandwich loaded with pickles and buffalo sauce, I'm going to get one. I get what I need out of the place, so that one issue is easy to look past.
Stay with me here, we're moving up one more level. A celebrity announces that they are against a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. Let's say it's a singer who supports an opposing political party. We may not agree on politics. But I'm a sucker for good music. I get what I need out of that person, so that one issue is easy to look past.
It sounds so selfish, doesn't it? The attitude of "I get my way and that's all I care about." To that, I say...yup. It is selfish, selfish, selfish. And the life that it affects is mine, mine, mine. That makes it OK, OK, OK. In the end, I have a perfect wife. I have my spicy chicken sandwich. I have my groovy tunes. My life is so much happier than that of somebody who has to keep a huge of who they will and will not financially and emotionally support.
I'll still use that urinal. Every single time.