Russian military radio traffic is increasing according to a ham radio stations.
Reports of Russian military incursions in US airspace have increased over the last several months as tensions rise over their activities in the Ukraine. Now come reports that Russia may be running their over-the-horizon radar again.
My friend and ham radio operator Matt Vann recorded what it sounded like at his 'shack' in Midland, TX.  He says that it's reminiscent of the Russian Woodpecker days. Also according to Matt, others are picking up Russian military traffic on over twenty channels:
In a IARU statement from July:
"We found Russian military traffic on 24 frequencies on our 14 MHz-band including digital and CW emissions. On our 7 MHz-band they used 22 frequencies including digital and CW emissions. The AT3004D on 7032 kHz located at Smolensk was active longer than 3 weeks. The German PTT filed an official complaint. The Russian OTH radar “Contayner” at Nizhny Novgorod was very busy on our 14 MHz-band and caused a lot of interference."
Thanks to Matt for the information! What do you think all this increased radio traffic means?