I started receiving Facebook tags, emails and text messages immediately after the announcement by Walmart that they would be closing their northeast location in Midland along with four other ones for exactly the same, suspicious reason. Evidently I am 'The Conspiracy Theory Guy'.

Now to be fair, I have researched various theories for years. I even did podcasts called 'Conspiracy Theory: Special Edition' with my friend and author Tom Horn, that were circulated extensively world-wide. Later I did a national podcast for the Above Top Secret website called, 'Below Top Secret'. Seven years down the road, most of the things that were considered 'theory' have turned out to be fact. That's why, when something weird happens I start getting flooded with questions.

Take for example, the closing of the northeast Walmart in Midland for 6 months for 'plumbing problems', along with four other Walmart stores around the southern United States, for exactly the same reason with exactly the same press release. On any other day or any other week this would not have been a conspiracy theory, but with a military exercise called 'Jade Helm' going on at the same time and news of more illegal Executive Orders coming down the pike, some people see this as more than just a coincidence.

Without listing them specifically, here are links to theories about Jade Helm and martial law:


These are just a few of the many links I have poured over for hours now:







(FEDS PREPARE TO INVADE TEXAS!) http://www.infowars.com/feds-preparing-to-invade-texas/

From my cursory examination it has become clear to me that many, many people believe that the government would be using military troops to establish forward military bases and other things known as FEMA CAMPS. Any such talk would undoubtedly bring out the redneck in most of the folks around here and the fight would be on.

Which brings me to the next point, that these two things are not connected to each other.

I know I heard an audible (Gasp!) when you read that sentence, but what could possibly be the advantage of shutting down a hugely profitable Walmart store for six months, just so some military exercises could be run.

When a real disaster comes, you will not be able to find the things you need right then. Get your supplies now and remember, when there is an emergency, the very last people to show up will be the government.

Regardless if it is a 'conspiracy' or not, employees who lost their jobs still don't have the answers they feel they need.

Remember, It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency, so just use this if you must to make sure you family is ready for any type, no matter what!

Leave a comment in the box or another conspiracy theory we can look at.