If you're one of those people who enjoys a good April Fools' Day prank, a word of caution: Do not pull any of these on your significant other lest you damage your relationship beyond repair.

If you're pulling an April Fools' Day prank on your boyfriend or girlfriend tomorrow, just don't do anything on this list.  Here are four April Fools' Day pranks that can end up causing a break-up.

1.  Anything that has to do with their job, like having their boss pretend to fire them.  If they don't realize it's a joke, things can get ugly pretty quick, and it's your fault.

2.  Anything that might physically hurt them.  Pranks that involve pain usually aren't that funny.  And if something goes wrong, they could REALLY get hurt.

3.  Anything to make them think you're cheating.  Like leaving a bunch of unwrapped condoms in the trash can.  Not a good idea.

And don't trick THEM into cheating like texting from a stranger's phone, and pretending to be an old boyfriend or girlfriend.  You'll just end up angry if they're even SLIGHTLY nice when they respond.

4.  Fake proposing.  There are two ways it can backfire.  She could break-up with you . . . or she could make you feel so guilty, you have to propose for REAL. The same thing goes for pretending you're pregnant.  Don't do it to your boyfriend OR your parents.  And don't post it on Facebook just to mess with people.  Half of them won't see the follow-up that says you're kidding.


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