Andrews, Texas may be a small community but it has a big concentration of millionaires, in fact it is one of the largest concentrations in America for a town of it's size.

According to CBS7, a study was conducted by a group called Phoenix Marketing International and they found that Andrews has 480 millionaire households in their small town.

That puts them in the Top 20 for small towns nationwide.

Residents of Andrews say that the millionaires do not keep the money to themselves, but instead put some of their millions back into the community.

One of the banks in town had a Christmas tree in the lobby with names of needy children when one man came in and took all the names that were left and bought gifts for all of the children left on the tree.

The small town with the most millionaires, according to the survey, is Los Alamos, New Mexico.

The reason is the nuclear testing facilities in the area employ many highly skilled and highly paid engineers and scientists.




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