Adele gave pop music's favorite brat Chris Brown a stern talking to over his snub of Frank Ocean as his nemesis took the stage to accept his Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album for 'Channel Orange' last night (Feb. 10.)

Brown clapped, but refused to get up and give Ocean a standing ovation like everyone else, remaining slouched in his chair. That did not "sit well" with Adele, who gave Breezy a piece of her mind over his attitude.

Ocean went to the podium to accept his accolade in a category in which he beat Brown. The two had an epic parking lot brawl a few weeks ago. It made headlines but seemed to have been squashed. But Breezy refusing to get up (which you can see about 10 seconds into the acceptance speech clip below) was enough to get Adele hopping mad.

She reportedly gave Brown a dirty look and then made her way over to his seat to give him a verbal shakedown after Ocean wrapped his speech.

Judging from the photos (and The Daily Mail account), they weren't talking about who was the snazzier dresser at Music's Biggest Night.

Breezy was said to be a bit embarrassed as Adele shook her finger and put him in his place. We don't know exactly what was said but Adele appeared to have given Breezy a tongue lashing over his disrespect of a fellow artist. You tell 'em, Adele.

Adele didn't hold it against the R&B star, though. They snapped a photo together later on in the night.

Imagine what it must like to be Frank Ocean and Chris Brown. One has Adele getting his back and the other has her scolding him.

She owns!

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

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