Whether you're traveling, sitting in the mall watching people go by or just standing in line at the grocery store, we all seem to have people around us who don't respect our personal space.


Now maybe it’s just me, and you enjoy being tussled or bumped in line at the grocery store. Maybe you like the tall guy behind you breathing warm breath down your neck. I for one do not, and “I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it any more!”

Okay, maybe I’m not that mad, but it does seem like more and more of our personal space is being whittled away by people who would just as soon be in our clothes with us. I’m just not comfortable with that.

For example, I took a little bus trip this weekend. Now, when I was in band, we took bus trips all the time and you learned about personal space pretty quickly; by an elbow in the ear, a need to the nose, or a shot to the groin. But now, you can’t really do that in a public situation anymore and not expect to be arrested.

All of those thoughts crossed my mind as the guy behind me rested his head on the back of my chair, the entire eight hour trip. Every little bump was magnified through my chair because of his weight on the back of it. He also snored...and had horrible gas. I assume it was him, but hey, it was a bus full of men, so I take that back. This brings up another topic I will address at some other time concerning the phrase, “Whoever smelt-it, delt-it!”. It’s the “don’t ask, don’t tell of car trip etiquette”.

I’m like a boy scout when it comes to prepping for a trip. I know that because of when other guys say stuff like, “Man, you really came prepared.” or, “Is there anything you didn’t bring?!” Unfortunately, not as prepared as I wish I had been: I did not bring a suitable gas mask or hazmat suit, I did not bring the Taser, I did not bring pepper spray. Instead, I had to suffice with earplugs and a really thick jacket. I also brought earplugs for the guy unfortunate enough to be my room mate. I snore. I snore LOUDLY.

Expecting a different result is goofy on my part I know, I just had to vent. I made it through, none the worse for wear, took a long shower and called it another lesson learned.

What was the worst “violation of your personal space” you can share?

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