The Texas high school football season is about to kickoff but unfortunately for one Texas school, they will have to start their season severely short handed after details about a hazing incident involving players has lead to outrage in the community and suspensions for those involved.

The Disturbing Details Come From Alamo Heights High School

According to a report from KENS 5, The Alamo Heights Independent School District released a statement Wednesday afternoon responding to anonymous tips regarding "safety concerns and allegations of misconduct by some players on the football team."

The alleged incident reportedly did not take place on the district's property or during school hours.

KENS 5 Youtube
KENS 5 Youtube


Another source claimed that if any of the cookies fell out, the person would have to eat it. then at a later party, made some of the freshman get down to their boxers and give lap dances to some cheerleaders.

Twenty-one of those students have been suspended as a result of the district's investigation.

District officials claim administrators and coaches had no knowledge of any allegations prior to receiving the reports despite sources saying that it was a "team tradition". 21 players on the varsity football team have been suspended two games, given in-house suspension and 10 hours community service for hazing. The Mules' season-opener is still scheduled for Friday at Seguin High School but the team will have to play severely shorthanded. Alamo Heights went 13-1 last season and made it to the state regional finals in class 5A.

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